What is Fearless Birthing?

Fearless Birthing is a birth preparation approach that is entirely focused on helping the mother (and the father) to clear their fears so that they can approach birth fear free. A fearless mama will be much better able to stay present and connected to her body and her baby during labour. By developing her emotional resilience before birth, she is also much better placed to respond flexibly to the demands of labour, and so improve the chances of her having a positive birth experience.

The technique at the heart of Fearless Birthing – the Head Trash Clearance Method – offers a direct and focused fear-clearance action that works deeply and quickly to clear fears from the mind and body. In removing the mental distractions and helping the mama develop trust in her body’s ability to birth her baby, the power of the birthing body can be allowed to take over.

It's quick

Fears are cleared instantly and there is a speedy version available that can be used in between contractions during transition which helps mamas to clear fears as they arise.

Typically, each individual fear can take between 5-20 minutes to clear. Some take longer and some take less. It depends on how strong and deep they are, and whether they are connected to other fears.

It's flexible

It can be used by mama on herself, or by a birthing companion or birth professional to help and support her. Its broad scope means that it can be used before, during and after birth to manage emotions, beliefs and emotional triggers.

It can be done over the phone, Skype or Zoom which means support can be offered more easily.

It works via audio

The fear-clearance action of Fearless Birthing can be delivered via audio which means women can benefit from experiencing some fear-clearance by listening to a fear-clearance meditation.

This also offers additional revenue opportunities.

No hypnosis involved

Due to lack of self-hypnosis, Fearless Birthing doesn’t encourage mamas to fall asleep or trance out during birth which means they’re better able to stay present and connected to their body and their baby.

Also, there is no need for them to repeatedly listen to meditations throughout their pregnancy.

Benefits of using Fearless Birthing

The pregnant person can use the emotional clearance technique themselves, or have someone “do it” for them.

It can be used during labour to help someone overcome fears as they arise, and a speedy version is available that can be used in between contractions during transition.

The birthing person can receive fear-clearance support by their birthing companion or birthing professional even if they don’t know the technique. No previous knowledge is required to receive help and support in this way.

Fear clearance can be delivered via audio or MP3, thus enabling you to support your parents-to-be even when you’re not physically present.

The lack of hypnotic state helps users to better able remain present and connected to their baby and their body which means they’re more likely to detect things that don’t feel right.

Fearless Birthing can also be used to address limiting beliefs which can help the mother to build trust in her body’s ability to birth her baby.

Fearless Birthing can be used on the baby in utero to help clear their negative emotions that might impact on the birth experience. A fearful baby might prefer to stay in their mother rather than come out!

The mother can use it to help her to communicate directly with her body (to help her to relax certain muscles for example) during labour or post birth.

Train in Fearless Birthing

If you would like to train in the Fearless Birthing methodology and approach and become a Fearless Birthing Professional click below to find out more.

Praise for Fearless Birthing

I’m floored.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist specializing in trauma and have had experiences with mindfulness work, Havening, EFT, EMDR, and sensorimotor psychotherapy. And yet, the head trash clearance work is just HITTING THE SPOT right now.
What with being 8 months pregnant and COVID happening (and so much uncertainty introduced into the picture).

It’s just… working. I mean, really, really working.

Compared to other methods, I so love I can just do it myself. I’ve noticed how much clearer I feel in general despite lots of stressors (including my husband’s sudden job loss with the pandemic, a rambunctious 3yo now stuck at home with us, sheltering-in-place happening, all of it).

Really can’t thank you enough and instead of dreading all the unknowns around my second baby’s birth I’m starting to feel excited (!!!) and most importantly, feel so much more equipped.


Psychotherapist specializing in trauma

I would absolutely recommend Alexia’s [Fearless Birthing] program; if it can help alleviate my deeply-rooted fears with pregnancy, it could certainly help someone else! I think that anyone with specific fears that hinder them from living their lives to their fullest potential can benefit from this program. They need to know that it IS possible to face your fears head-on, neutralize them and obliterate them. I honestly couldn’t believe it!

I figured I would need months or years to undo these deep-seated fears of mine, but in applying Alexia’s techniques that was not my case at all. I love the videos, materials, and audios! They are a brilliant and helpful resource which you can access anytime and anywhere. I still use the resources she provides whenever I need touch-ups.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fearless Birthing differ to Hypnobirthing?
At its simplest, hypnobirthing is the use of hypnosis to help mothers prepare for positive birth. However, since its inception, it has evolved and is now widely understood as being a holistic approach to birth preparation. This broadened scope now includes things like birth education for both mother and father, the use of positive affirmations, breathing techniques and visualisation to help parents prepare for birth. Fearless Birthing does not use hypnotherapy but instead primarily uses the Head Trash Clearance Method, which is derived from a powerful therapeutic technique from the field of Energy Psychology.

The Head Trash Clearance Method is an ideal technique to use within birth because it works with the energy system (which acts as the interface between mind and body). Negative emotions often become trapped within the body and so if we are to clear these emotions from the mind, we must clear them from the body too. This is especially important when it comes to birth because of the role of the body.

At what point should Fearless Birthing begin during a pregnancy?
For best results, Fearless Birthing should start as early on in a pregnancy as possible.

  • In addition to fears, the clearance technique can also be used on emotional triggers, which makes it helpful in reducing the overall stress level of mama. Helping her to de-stress is good for both her and baby so the earliest this can start the better.
  • In working to clear her fears mama will familiarise herself with the fear-clearance technique and will be much better able to integrate this into her day-to-day life, but also, crucially, in labour.
  • Some women choose to use Fearless Birthing BEFORE they’re pregnant to help them to clear their fears of pregnancy and birth. It is an ideal approach for women suffering from tokophobia (extreme fear of pregnancy and birth).
What does Fearless Birthing look like in action?

Step 1: Identify the fears to be cleared

Identify any fears and stresses that are present. These fears and stresses include the mother’s, the father’s and the baby’s. This work can also be done on baby, while they are still in utero.

Step 2: Time to clear

Neutralise them one-by-one using the Head Trash Clearance Method. Neutralise means that we remove the excessive emotional charge and create neutrality. Once we achieve neutrality, we are no longer triggered emotionally in the way that was once automatic. If there are any traumas affecting mama, say from a miscarriage or a previous birth, then these are addressed too.

Step 3: Identify the desired positive birth experience

This is for both parents to build up a strong mental and emotional idea of their desired positive birth. This is solidified with visualisation work and using the Head Trash Clearance Method to remove any potential sources of self-sabotage.

Step 4: Emotional Birth Preparation

This stage is in two parts 1.   Emotionally letting go of the desired birth experience 2.   Emotionally making peace with the least preferred birth experience This helps both parents can respond flexibly and calmly to the path that birth takes on the day.

What are the ways that I can use Fearless Birthing to help someone?
The technique at the heart of Fearless Birthing can be used in a number of ways;

  • Face-to-face individually
  • Face-to-face in groups through workshops and classes
  • Via Skype or phone
  • Via pre-recorded audio mp3s