Plan for your dream birth and prepare for your worst…

… in your PJs

A lot of people don’t bother with preparing and planning for their birth. They’ve got better things to do – like get the nursery ready? Or work until the last minute? I get it.

“We’re built for this; it’ll be fine!” they say. And anyway, everyone says your birth plan gets chucked out the window the minute labour starts… so why bother, right?

But let’s say you really wanted to do some birth classes to get yourself ready… What if they aren’t nearby or easy to get to? What if they’re at times that just don’t work for you? What if your partner can’t make them? Then what?

Your birth is getting nearer and you still don’t feel ready. Then you start to feel a bit anxious wondering if there’s anything you can do to help you feel better about what’s coming.

The truth is, it’s the act of planning and preparing that helps you to feel ready. It can make the difference between being able to go with the flow when things don’t go your way on the day and a crappy birth experience you’d rather forget.

Which one do you want?

Birth is unpredictable. We know that.

Things change. Plans change. Prepare for it.

People say ‘Plan for the best and prepare for the worst‘.

Birth is THE time you do exactly that. And that’s what I want to help you with.

Did you know that around 30% of women report that their birth were traumatic? Thats a lot!

Some of the reasons that women experience trauma include a lack of information or explanation and feelings of loss of control.

These are things you can do something about.

My online Birth Prep Classes will walk you through the 9 essential steps of birth prep at a pace that’s right for you.

Feel ready and prepared for ANY birth (including the one you’ll actually get) without getting overwhelmed (and come out smiling 😎)

Why these classes are perfect for you

They will reduce your fear and boost your confidence.

I know that scary headlines and conflicting information can really mess with your head. That’s why I’ve brought together experienced midwives and doulas, birth specialists and wise women to guide and support you through interviews and articles. They bring decades of experience and are dedicated to woman-centred care. So you can trust them to do right by you. I do. 
Mindset is my jam! Everything I share is focussed on helping you to have the best possible birth experience. I want to help you to become a fearless mama! 

You can do them in your slippers (with a nice cup of tea!)

Finding classes near you is one thing. But finding classes that are running at a time that both you AND your partner can make. That’s a big ask! And what if you miss a class? Then what?

Save yourself the stress and do these classes at home with your slippers on and a nice cup of raspberry leaf tea.

They’ll fit around your busy life

Too busy? No problem! You can access everything on your mobile or tablet, as well as your desktop or laptop.
This means you be planning and preparing for your birth while on the bus or train to work, or stuck in yet another waiting room at your appointment with your healthcare provider. Or you could even sneak in a bit of prep at lunchtime at work!

You can do the classes at a pace that suits you

Maybe you want to start planning early. No problem. Start when you like and take your time.

Or maybe, you’re doing things last minute and you need to binge. That’s OK too. These classes will fit around you and the time you have.

I’ve really loved this. I wasn’t exactly tokophobic before, but very early in pregnancy, I did (half) joke to friends that my main goal was for me & my baby to both live. Looking back I’m embarrassed at what a low standard I had envisioned ?

I’m so glad I found Fear Free Childbirth Podcast and this! I think both have helped me feel empowered to take charge of my birth experience and to bring the same positive outlook I have in the rest of my life to the birthing experience.


Thank you so much for this! I feel like I have luck started my journey and feel more confident knowing all the options and support there is around!


Thank you for this. It’s has been an amazing journey for me to really dig deep and face some fears. I had so much research to do and I am feeling more and more empowered with each new bit of information I find. Xx


Take control and get ready for the birth that YOU want

Here’s what’s included in every class (in all 9 of them!)…

Questions to get you thinking

Each class kicks off with questions to get you thinking through the important and essential aspects. These are the questions that you probably haven’t asked yourself because you don’t know what you don’t know, right? Questions like ‘what questions should I be asking my health care provider?’, ‘at what point should I consider an induction?‘.

In seeking answers to these questions, you’ll learn what you need to without getting distracted. But ultimately you’ll feel in control!

21+ Interviews to Inspire You

Enjoy video and audio interviews with experienced midwives & doulas, birth experts and wise women to kick-start your learning. You can look forward to chats about the stages of labour, vaginal tearing and understanding health statistics and the risks you face in pregnancy and birth, how to choose your birth companion … you know, the IMPORTANT stuff!

There are also interviews covering things like: yoga tools for birth, using the mind to cope with pain and the author of Mindful Hypnobirthing, Sophie Fletcher, shares her take on how to prepare for birth.

Oh and did I mention there are tons of positive birth stories to enjoy? Listen to twin stories, VBAC stories, natural births, hospital births, epidural births, healing births… whichever birth you’re after. I’ve got you covered! 

Curated Articles + Fear-Free Content

The problem with Google is that there is just TOO MUCH info out there. You never know when you might stumble across a scary headline that freaks you out. No pregnant woman needs that! That’s why I’ve collaborated with birth experts to create fear-free articles and videos so that you don’t have to worry about coming across something that might scare you.

I’ve also curated some of the best evidence-based websites I’ve come across to help you find the info you need. Save time and use my little black book of trustworthy sites and resources that you can trust.

21+ Birth Prep Downloads 

My Birth Prep Classes are packed with downloads to help you save time and stay organised as you prep for birth.

Each birth prep step comes with its own Birth Prep Planner for you to print out, stay organised and feel in control! 

If you like shortcuts then you’ll love the 3 x birth plan templates and the checklists. And you’re bound to love things like the Relaxation Script for partners and its accompanying Hypnobirthing meditation. To help you boost your confidence there is the Fear Clearance Planner and the Visualisation Exercise.

Birth Prep Activities

Each class lists some key activities that will help as part of your birth prep. And when you need to actually “do” something – like write your birth plan or pack your hospital bag – then you’ll get a nudge. Stay motivated and track your progress as you go. This is great if you love lists and ticking things off.

Inside the Fearless Birthing Birth Prep Classes

Let me show what you can expect to find inside your Birth Prep Classes …

15-day money-back Guarantee – Risk-Free!

The last thing I want is for you to worry about buying something that’s not right for you. So, if you buy and find that it’s not for you, then no worries!

You have 15 days to ask for a no-quibble refund. 


And because I want to help you to prepare for your birth as best as possible,

I’m throwing in some juicy extras…

2 Meditations WORTH $38

I’m also including a Fear Clearance Meditation and a Birthing Affirmations Meditation for you when you sign up for my Birth Prep Classes. These two meditations will help you to reduce your fears AND boost your confidence

  1. Fear of Childbirth & Labour – great for clearing general fears and worries about birth
  2. Birth Affirmations for Pregnancy – brilliant to listen to during pregnancy to maintain a positive mindset

Reduce Your Fears mini-course WORTH $49

To help you to reduce your fears, I’m throwing in this mini-course. This 3-part video series will help you to better understand where some of your birth fears come from and I’ll also teach you a quick mindset tool for shifting your fears.

VIDEO 1: Find out where your birth fears might be coming from

VIDEO 2: Understand the psychology of pain and how we can reduce our experience of pain

VIDEO 3: Discover a tool for reducing your fears and changing your mindset

40 Birth Affirmation Printables WORTH $15

If you’re like me, you’ll love to surround yourself with birth positivity. Binge listening to the Fear Free Childbirth podcast is great, but sometimes you need to go a little bit further. These 40 printable birthing affirmations have been created using birth affirmations that mamas from all over the world have told me that really do it for them. And yes. You get 40 affirmations to print off and use around your home.

So, not only are they road-tested and loved, but they look gorgeous too! 

Birth Prep Planner WORTH $30

Being able to do everything on our screens and devices is great. But sometimes you just need to write stuff down. With an actual pen. That’s why I created this Birth Prep Planner. Getting organised and feeling in control can often mean having a file, lots of sticky notes, and making scribbles when ideas come to you. That’s what this Birth Prep Planner is brilliant for. 

It includes prompts to get you thinking, checklists to get you organised, and space to journal your journey. And you can print it off! #winning

Just want to say this has been amazing for me, even at 34 weeks!! Thank you!!


This has been so helpful. It’s so good to know that I am not alone in my fears and not alone in my areas of confidence, either.


This has been intense, rewarding and empowering! It was amazing, so glad I managed to make so much time for it!


Here’s all the fabulous stuff you get

One Payment 4 Payments

Birth Prep Classes

Online Course 


$ 75/ x 4 payments

9 x Birth Prep Classes

  • Birth Prep Planner (to print out)
  • 21+ Birth Prep Downloads
  • 14+ Expert Interviews
  • 21+ Positive Birth Stories
  • Email nudges to keep you going
  • Progress Tracking – for nerdy satisfaction
  • Lifetime access to online resources

+ BONUSES (worth $132)

  • 2 x Meditations (worth $38) 
  • Reduce Your Fears – Mini-Course (worth $49)
  • 40 Printable Birthing Affirmation (worth $15)
  • Birth Prep Planner (worth $30)

    15-day money-back Guarantee – Risk-Free!

    The last thing I want is for you to worry about buying something that’s not right for you. So, if you buy and find that it’s not for you, then no worries! You have 15 days to come and let me know for a no-quibble refund. 

    Let me help you…

    Hi, I’m Alexia and I’m the host of Fear Free Childbirth podcast and the admin for a thriving Facebook group of women who are preparing for birth. This means I’ve spoken to countless birth experts and mamas about the pregnancy and motherhood journey, and in that time I’ve learned a thing or two.

    One thing that comes up a lot from women who had crappy births is that they didn’t prepare. They thought that it would all be fine, and anyway, it’s a natural process, right? Mmmm… well… that approach doesn’t work.

    Did you know that a woman who hasn’t prepared is more likely to end up having a tricky birth? In other words a longer labour, more painful labour and a birth that is likely to end up with medical intervention.

    That sounds like something worth trying to avoid, don’t you think?

    A lot of women who had difficult births first time around make a silent promise to themselves that they won’t be making that mistake again. And, when it comes to their next birth they prepare like crazy.

    I wondered then, why is it that women don’t bother preparing? When I asked mamas, one thing that came out a lot was because it felt too overwhelming. They told me that there’s too much information out there and it’s hard to figure out where to start.

    Do you feel like that?

    So, I decided to come up with some birth prep classes that cut through all that and focused on the important stuff.

    And that’s what I’ve done!

    I’ve created my Birth Prep Classes to cut through the fluff so that you can look forward to your birth with confidence

    But rather than TEACH you everything there is to know about birth, I want to help you to find the RIGHT BIRTH FOR YOU and then PREPARE for it.

    This is going to be different for everyone, so rather than overwhelm you with information, I’m flipping it. I’m going to hold your hand while you find the information YOU NEED … meaning you will have the confidence that comes from feeling in control over the kind of birth you’re prepping for.

    After all, this is YOUR BIRTH, YOUR BABY and YOUR BODY.

    Got some questions?

    Who are the Birth Prep Classes for?
    You need to be pregnant. There’s not really much point in doing these classes if you’re not (unless it’s your partner who’s pregnant, in which case hell yeah!).
    These classes are not just for first time mamas (FTM). In fact, we’ve had many second time mamas who have promised themselves that they’re going to prepare for birth ‘properly’ this time around because they didn’t the first time and they suffered because of it.
    Can these classes replace live classes in my local area?

    It really depends on what classes are available in your area and what kind of support and preparation you feel you need to help you feel confident and ready for your upcoming birth. Live classes can be brilliant to meet other expectant parents in your area so that you can get to know other mamas who are having babies at a similar time to you.

    What happens when I order these today?

    As soon as you place your order, you will receive an email with your log in details. This email usually arrives within about 5 minutes. Then you’re in and you can get going. 

    How long do I get access to the classes for?

    You get lifetime access so you get access for as long as you like.

    This means that if you’re planning on having more than one baby, you can go through them all over again. You can’t do that with a live class! 

    How long does it take to go through the classes?

    The main part of the course can be done in a weekend if you wanted to. But there is lots of extra content for you to enjoy which means it could take longer. For example, there are over 20 positive birth stories to listen to. You don’t have to listen to ALL of them, but they’re there for you. I’ve provided lots of expert interviews for you to listen to but some might not be relevant to you. But they’re there if you need them!

    I designed this course for you to binge through if you were trying get all your prep done in the last few weeks – if you needed to. In an ideal situation, you’d give yourself much longer than that because preparing for birth isn’t just about going through this course.

    It will involve additional things like talking things through with your partner, visiting hospitals or birthing centres, and talking to health care providers. But don’t worry, this is what this course will guide you with – what do to in what order to minimise confusion and fear and maximise you feeling in control. 

    How long do I have access to the classes for?

    You get lifetime access! So that means if you get pregnant again and need to refresh and revisit things, you can!

    I’ve taken live classes before - do I need these?

    It really depends on what classes you’ve already taken. Some people may have attended classes at their local hospital or through their insurance. These can sometimes be quite basic or very focused on a medicalised birth. So it’s possible that you’re missing out on valuable information.

    It could be that you’ve attended classes that focus on a particular birth – let’s say a natural birth. Again, this could mean that you’ve missed out on valuable information. What happens if your natural birth becomes a medicated hospital birth – then what? Will you be adequately prepared. 

    These classes are very thorough and help you to think through all birth options so that you feel ready for ANY birth. 

    Do I have to use my laptop to access these classes?

    No. You can access these on any device.. Your phone, your tablet your desktop or your laptop. The course also includes things for you to print out so you’re not tied to your devices either.

    One Payment 4 Payments

    Birth Prep Classes

    Online Course 


    $ 75/ x 4 payments

    •  9 x Birth Prep Classes
    • Birth Prep Planner (to print out)
    • 21+ Birth Prep Downloads
    • 14+ Expert Interviews
    • 21+ Positive Birth Stories
    • Email nudges to keep you going
    • Progress Tracking – for nerdy satisfaction
    • Lifetime access to online resources

    + BONUSES (worth $132)

    • 2 x Meditations (worth $38) 
    • Reduce Your Fears – Mini-Course (worth $49)
    • 40 Printable Birthing Affirmation (worth $15)
    • Birth Prep Planner (worth $30)

    15-day money-back Guarantee – Risk-Free!

    The last thing I want is for you to worry about buying something that’s not right for you. So, if you buy and find that it’s not for you, then no worries! You have 15 days to come and let me know for a no-quibble refund.