Birth workers. I’m talking to you.

Yes YOU.

This is an invite…

Does birth work feel like a CALLING for you?

I totally get it.

You want to hold the space for incredible birth experiences. Ones that are without fear and full of joy.

You KNOW how powerful the birth experience can be, and how its effects can ripple out to the rest of peoples’ lives. I feel the same.

You want to be The Person that helps to make this experience possible for families.

You are drawn to this work.
It calls you in powerfully. Like it’s your LIFE MISSION.

You GIVE All of You to it. And yet, because of of this, it TAKES All of You.

You feel exhausted. 
You wonder if you have what it takes to bring All of

You again so soon.

You’re worried about burning out.

Well, STOP worrying.

I have The Thing that will make you strong.

Not only will it help YOU to be strong, it will help the families you support to be strong.

You will lead them to the birth fearlessly, like a beacon of light.

I am inviting you to join me on a path of fearlessness.

The Plan

This is a 3-month journey to birth pro mastery; the ultimate in personal and business growth.

We look at YOU.

What saps your power and your confidence?
What stops you from being YOU?
What holds you back from being seen and heard?

We clear what’s diluting your strength.

You will work on your own emotional stuff around birth and pregnancy, so that you can hold the space for families, and not compromise your own mental and emotional health.

We look at your business.

We will answer questions like…

What makes you different?
How can you stand out and be noticed?
How do you express who you are?
How do you create revenue that’s resilient to change?
How can you up-level your business?


We clear what’s getting in the way of your business growth

Together we’ll clear the fears, the head trash and self-sabotage that is getting in the way of you expanding your business with ease.

Then, we’ll hatch a plan to raise your visibility, reach and income that you can crack on with confidently.

The Results

You will be Fearless. Truly.

You will be fearless in life and fearless in work.

You will be a Fearless Birthing Professional.

As a fully trained Fearless Birthing Professional, you will be capable of clearing fears for yourself and others. With my mentorship and guidance you will master this. This will pay for itself because you can charge for this and create new sources of income, online and in-person.

Total Marketing and Business Clarity

You’ll get clear on business and marketing essentials so that you can stop getting distracted and focus on being the most well-balanced birth professional you can be.

You will Master Emotional & Mental Strength

No more burn out.
Anxiety, stress and worry will be under control, if not gone.

You will be Poised and Powerful

I’ll help you to find your voice and own it.
You will stand powerfully in your position and not be swayed by your competitors or the nay-sayers.
You will be unfuckwithable.

You will be unstoppable

Your confidence will take your work and business forward in ways you cannot even imagine.

Are you in?

What’s included

This 7-month programme includes training and 3 months of coaching after the training is complete. This is to ensure that you have fully embodied what you have learned and that you are well positioned to make the very best out of your investment.

Birth Pro Mastery Includes;

  • Fearless Birthing Training
  • Coaching while you’re training
  • 3 months of coaching after your training which includes a mix of ;
    • Business & marketing mentorship sessions
    • Personal and Business head trash clearance
    • Self-sabotage Clearance & Wound Healing Sessions
  • Access to online materials
  • Private email & video support for 7 months
  • Fearless Birthing Book & Notebook set

Why me?

I’ve built my birth business and personal profile and I know what it takes.

I’ve been offered £750,000 in investment for my business – I know how to build value that counts. I walked away from that because it didn’t feel right. 

My podcasts have achieved over 1.5m downloads worldwide and I’ve been invited to join UK Health Radio where my show sits in their top 5 of all their shows and enjoys over 50k weekly listens.

I used to be a fearful hot mess in ALL aspects of my life. I know fear well.

I had tokophobia and I used to hold a lot of fear around myself and in my business. 
I’ve overcome my biggest fears – and continue to do so. I know how sneaky fear can be. 

I can show you how to slay fear and use its power. 

My clients are able to overcome things like anxiety, tokophobia and depression during our time together, sometimes as a side effect! 

My work is potently efficient. I don’t mess about.

I give a shit and I will not let up. I want this for you as much as you do.

To improve birth, we need fearlessly, strong birth professionals to lead the charge.

I will call out your blindspots and your BS.
There’s no hiding for your fears and shadow.
I see it even as it tries to hide.
And once it’s been seen, it can be cleared.

I will support you and be there for you the whole time.
You will feel understood and empowered.
And you will come out stronger.






I want us to be a good fit for this. For me as much as for you.

If you’re interested then fill in my application form and I’ll be in touch to arrange a call if I think you are a good fit for this mastery program.