Fearful to fearless


You’re not sure whether you want kids or not

… because you’re so scared and you’re worried that your fears are getting in the way of you really knowing what you want.


You’re desperate to start a family

… but you’re just too terrified about pregnancy or birth to even contemplate becoming a mother.


You’re about to start the fertility journey

… but you’re torn between fear and desire, and you’re not sure how you’re going to get through it.


You’re pregnant and scared

… you want to stop feeling so scared and panicky, for you and the baby. You really want to enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the birth.


You’re pregnant…

… you want to guarantee that you have a incredible birth experience and set yourself up for being a fearless mama.



Up to 80% of women experience fear around birth. That’s A LOT, right? 35% of these are experiencing extreme fear (tokophobia). Another boatload!

Tokophobia is a Thing and yet we hardly ever hear about it. It’s really hard to find help and support for it. And NO-ONE UNDERSTANDS IT! A lot of these women end up never having kids, despite it being what they desperately want. Some have repeated abortions of babies they want. Other separate from their childhood sweetheart because they can’t face going through the experience that will give them what they both want: kids. And it is huge contributory factor to anxiety and depression in women.

We know that women who experience fear during labour are more likely to have a longer and more painful birth experience, that is more likely to result in medical intervention. This sucks. Truly.

These kind of birth experiences affect women’s mental and emotional health, sometimes for the rest of their lives. PTSD as a result of birth is more common than it should be. Preparing emotionally and mentally can help to avoid this.

No matter where you are on this journey, shifting from fearful to fearless can change your life.


But that doesn’t mean we have to put up with it.

These fears can be dissolved. Better than that, they can be mined for diamonds.

Diamonds like strength, courage and confidence.

I can help people to overcome their fears.

It’s my DUTY to do so.

Especially when it can have such a far-reaching impact in the lives of women and families everywhere. For years to come.

Who the hell am I to keep this gift to myself?

It IS a gift. And as such it needs to be received with acknowledgement and respect.

Just like any gift.

I will ONLY work with those who REALLY WANT IT and are PREPARED to EARN the attention and care I will give without hesitation.

To earn this attention you need to Do The Work.

Jump in feet first and do WHATEVER it takes to get there.

If you can’t take this seriously, then why should I?

Why should I use up my time with you, when I could be using it with someone else?

I need to know you’re in.

This is why to work with me, you need to apply. I don’t work with everyone.



It depends where you are on this journey to motherhood….

If you’re not sure whether you want to be a mother you get to DECIDE once and for all: Commit to parenthood.. or commit to NOT being a parent. 

If you WANT to be a mother but can’t face even ’trying’ (or the thought of getting off birth control terrifies you) then you get to do that. TRY for a baby with excitement.

You’re pregnant, scared and anxious.

You want to enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the birth. I can GUARANTEE you will lose the fears.

You’re pregnant and you want to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to have an amazing and empowering birth experience that will infuse your life with unstoppable strength, confidence and courage, then HELL YES!

Let’s DO THIS!

Fearless mama here we come!

Alexia is the most genuine, interested and helpful therapist and coach because she cuts right to the heart of the issue to get the best results.

My husband says it’s the best money we have ever spent. He has noticed a visible difference in me, I’m so much calmer and sleeping better as a result of the work 

I used to waken in the middle of the night with panic attacks due to how overwhelmed I felt thinking about having children. I have not felt like this since starting the program which is a huge relief to me.

I can’t put a price on the peace of mind I have gained and the sense of mastery over something I initially thought was incurable.




This is a 3 month deep dive where I take you from fearful to fearless.

Here are the main stops on that journey;

First we unravel the hot mess in your head. 

The fears, the conflicts and the self-sabotage.

This is to figure out what’s getting in the way of you being able to experience The Thing you’ve come to me for.

Then I make sense of it and we come up with a plan.

This involves lists. The kind of lists that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Then we clear.

You clear. I clear. WE CLEAR THIS SHIT!

As we clear, more stuff appears.

That’s because we’re going deeper… deeper to the diamonds.

Whatever we find, I make sense of. And we add it to The Plan.

We keep doing this until you’re fearless.

From visceral, deep-rooted fear to elation!

I dived into very challenging yet satisfying work, desperate for at least some respite from being tokophobic. I began to unravel the tight knot of traumas, fears and beliefs that I had about birth and was able to create my own meditations to tackle the above one by one.

Incredibly, I would get a little buzz out of those sessions that would then lighten me up, energise me and give me a completely new perspective on some very touchy subjects.

I now feel that I am the mother my baby needs me to be – strong, resilient, positive and, above all, caring and loving ? Who would have thought that I could feel genuinely excited about the Big Day and look forward to bringing my sweet little baby into the world?!



  • Clearance Sessions every 2 weeks
  • 4 check in calls to use when you want
  • Access to online materials – an online course and fear clearance mediations
  • Email & video support for 3 months




I used to be a fearful mess in ALL aspects of my life. I know fear well.

I had tokophobia and I know what it’s like. Feeling isolated, alone and like no-one understands me? I get it.

I’ve figured out how to overcome tokophobia. Apparently it can’t be done, but I did and have helped others do it. And do it quickly. A lot of my clients have overcome their tokophobia in less than a month. My work is powerfully efficient. I don’t mess about.

Once I cleared my pregnancy and birth fears, more fears came my way. New ones. They still do.

I walk towards my fears and eyeball them before slaying them. They don’t scare me. I can help you to do the same.

I give a shit and I will not let up. I want this for you as much as you do.

I will call out your blindspots and your BS.

There’s no hiding for your fears and shadow.

I see it even as it tries to hide.

And once it’s been seen, it can be cleared.

I will support you and be there for you the whole time.

You will feel understood and empowered.

And you will come out stronger.



I only work with women who are willing to be 100% committed to the process and my guidance.

If you want to be considered then fill in my application form and I’ll be in touch to arrange a call if I think you are a good fit.