INTRODUCING Fearless Birthing

The ONLY self-healing program that will show you how to let go of your fears and anxieties around pregnancy and birth so that you can approach motherhood with confidence.

Fearless Birthing will show you how to …

Get rid of your fears and anxieties around pregnancy and birth

Overcome your Tokophobia and stop fearing birth and pregnancy

Strengthen your mind so that you feel confident and able to cope

Feel emotionally prepared and ready for birth and motherhood

Manage your emotional state throughout pregnancy and labour

Feel in control of your birth and stand up for what you want

“Alexia’s work is integral to shift in perception around birth and had a profoundly life-changing impact on me and my birth journey.

Alexia’s program was worth every cent as I learnt techniques and methods, which I practiced with one-on-one support from Alexia, that both removed my fear and help sustain me mentally and physically during a very long and challenging birth.

I came away from my birth feeling empowered in my femininity with a newfound and surprising deep respect for my body.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much. You have changed my world and I will be forever grateful.”

Katie Phillips

Fearless Birthing is ideal for you if …

You're Pregnant

You’re pregnant and you have fears and anxieties that are getting in the way of you enjoying your pregnancy and being able to look forward to the birth.

You want to feel more calm and in control about the birth.

You suffer with Tokophobia

You have very strong fears around pregnancy and birth which are getting in the way of you being able to get pregnant.

These fears could also be affecting your relationship, your ability to enjoy intimacy or your ability to be around friends or family who are pregnant or trying.

You're TTC or Planning a Family

You’re not 100% sure you want to be a parent or have another baby. You have lots of fears and you’re worried they could be clouding your judgement.

You want to get rid of your fears so that you make a decision that you can trust, and live with.

You want to be a Conscious Parent

You want to prepare for emotionally and mentally for birth and parenthood. 

You don’t want to pass on your emotional baggage to your child and want to deal with as much of it as you can before their arrival.

I was starting to panic thinking I was never going to feel “ready” to give birth to a child…

I went from being someone who thought when the time came, I’d want every kind of pain relief under the sun and fearing all the worst case scenarios in birth, to being so in awe of how much I know I can now trust my body. I’m now a changed person!

So THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Truly, thank you Alexia and please keep up the great work!

Sharelle Johnson

Fearless Birthing is all about…

Feeling in Control

The best pregnancy and births happen to women who feel in control… of their minds, their bodies and their birth experience.

You’ll discover how to feel in control so that you feel calmer and more confident.

Staying Calm

You will learn how to bat away your stresses, fears and anxieties at will.

This will give you more control over your emotions and how you feel. And means you stay calmer.

Feeling Confident

Birth confidence comes from being well-prepared and knowing that you can handle whatever comes your way.

I’ll help you plan for your birth, practically, emotionally and mentally so that you feel confident and in control.

Strengthening your mind

When your mind is strong and in control, your body will follow.

Fearless Birthing will show you how to build your emotional resilience so that you can cope with whatever comes your way during birth (and life!)

I have a pretty amazing birth story (according to me) because at every challenge or turn of events, I found strength and dug deep to make sure this little one got the best chance at a happy not traumatic birth as possible.

For those who have just joined, do the head trash clearance method, listen to positive stories and remember, at every moment of every woman’s labor, she truly discovers that she is made of the toughest stuff and can over come almost anything!


I just wanted to let you know that I had a home birth, which was amazing! I used all my (your) mindset skills, totally let go & his head came out in 3 pushes! There was no tearing at all. No drugs & no gas & air. All in all, it was just amazing to have him at home.

A huge thank you… I loved Fearless Birthing & the head trash clearance method & they definitely were amazing tools that I used to set up my birth in my head & on the day.
I’m so pleased I found you!

Claire Young, London

The Fearless Birthing Program includes…

Quick Emotional Clearance

Discover how to clear your fears, anxieties and stresses quickly and efficiently with the Head Trash Clearance Method™.

Mindset Masterclasses

Masterclasses designed to help you create a positive mindset and emotional strength. Each class includes videos, audios & PDF downloads.

Mindset Techniques

Learn how to use a collection of mindset techniques to help you to prepare mentally & emotionally for birth, motherhood and life! 

Fear Clearance Meditations

Listen to fear clearance meditations that tackle the most common birthing fears for immediate support.

Anxiety & Stress Management

Discover how to manage your anxiety and stress so that you can enjoy your pregnancy.

Easy-to-follow Videos & Audios

Easy-to-follow videos and audios that show you how to clear your fears, anxieties and stresses step-by-step. 

I just wanted to THANK YOU so much!

I admit when I first discovered I was pregnant, I started to think about the birth and anxiety flooded me. But the closer I got to the actual birth day, the anxiety just left me and is now pretty much completely gone.

I can honestly say I’m entering into my final weeks of pregnancy fear free.


I am currently 6 months pregnant and feeling better (emotionally) than I would have ever imagined!

I never planned on having my own kids because of my tokophobia, so when I found out I was pregnant I was a mess! And I became more of a mess with each passing day!

You are the first person who has been able to help me.

You are also the person who has helped me the most!

It must be by divine design that I found you and I am so truly thankful!

Thank you again, I love you x


I’m floored.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist specializing in trauma and have had experiences with mindfulness work, Havening, EFT, EMDR, and sensorimotor psychotherapy. And yet, the head trash clearance work is just HITTING THE SPOT right now.
What with being 8 months pregnant and COVID happening (and so much uncertainty introduced into the picture).

It’s just… working. I mean, really, really working.

Compared to other methods, I so love I can just do it myself. I’ve noticed how much clearer I feel in general despite lots of stressors (including my husband’s sudden job loss with the pandemic, a rambunctious 3yo now stuck at home with us, sheltering-in-place happening, all of it).

Really can’t thank you enough and instead of dreading all the unknowns around my second baby’s birth I’m starting to feel excited (!!!) and most importantly, feel so much more equipped.


Psychotherapist specialising in trauma

Here’s what Fearless Birthing includes…

Reducing Stress, Fear and Anxiety

The journey to pregnancy and birth is often fraught with fear, stress and anxiety.

In this module I show you how to approach clearing your fears so that you can get the results you’re looking for.

The Head Trash Clearance method – which I teach you to use to clear your fears – also works brilliantly for getting rid of stress and generalised anxiety. So here I also dive into how you can use it to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

Once you’ve finished, your mental and emotional wellbeing will be transformed for good!

Pain and Childbirth

The thought of pain in childbirth is the cause of many fears and this is why it deserves a section all to itself.

In this module, you will learn;

  • how it’s possible to reduce your experience pain during birth without using medication
  • the psychology of pain and what that means for pain during childbirth
  • how to get rid of your fear of pain
  • the 3 steps you need to take to reduce your own experience of pain

If you think your tolerance for pain is really low, or you’re aiming for a natural birth and want to avoid medical intervention, this will be invaluable for you.

Key Psychological Themes

To help you to identify your own fears and anxieties, in this module, I share with you the key 12 psychological themes that I’ve come across in working with my clients for over 8 years on their pregnancy and birth fears and anxieties.

I dive into each of these 12 themes in detail so that you can figure out how this theme might be showing up for you.. not only on your pregnancy and birth journey, but also in your life.

When we have dis-functional patterns at play, they don’t tend to operate just in one aspect of your life – they’re everywhere. Understanding these key life themes – and then healing them – can bring about transformation change in your life.

Identifying Your Fears and Anxieties

In order for you to be able to clear your head trash you need to know what it is.

It’s not always obvious so in this module, I will help you to better understand how you feel so that you can identify the head trash that needs to be cleared. Things like;

  • pregnancy or birth fears and anxieties
  • worries about pregnancy, birth or parenthood that are getting in the way of you getting pregnant or enjoying pregnancy
  • aspects of your life that stress you out and that have the potential to affect the birth
  • previous experiences that have left a difficult emotional impact
  • anything else that might affect your ability to think calmly about pregnancy and birth

By the end of this, you’ll have a clear plan of fears, stresses and anxieties you need to clear so that you can approach pregnancy and birth fearlessly.

How to clear your fears, anxieties and stresses

I will show you EXACTLY how to clear your fears, stresses & anxieties using the simple Head Trash® Clearance Method.

This potent DIY tool will shift how you feel very quickly about the things that bother you, so that you feel calmer and more neutral.

You can use this before and during pregnancy and labour to wipe away fears, anxieties and stresses as they arise. What you’ll learn, will serve you beyond birth and well into motherhood.

You’ll even find out how to use the emergency quick version that you can use in between contractions to wipe away the fears that arise during birth.

In addition to Head Trash Clearance, I share a few other DIY healing methods with you, so that you have plenty of options to address your fears and anxieties. 


Tackling Tokophobia

This module is entirely focussed on overcoming tokophobia. Tokophobia requires a slightly different approach because of the intensity of the fears and anxieties.

It can also include themes that don’t always show up for those with mild or moderate fears. 

The module includes;

  • understanding your tokophobia
  • why women experience tokophobia (and where yours might have come from)
  • common tokophobia fears
  • how to overcome tokophobia 
  • common questions that tokophobia sufferers ask 

6 x Fear Clearance Meditations

Start your fear-clearance journey with ease and let me do the work for you. I’ve created a collection of Fear Clearance Meditations that address some of the most common fears I’ve come across with my clients;

  • fear of childbirth & labour
  • fear of pain
  • fear of losing control
  • fear of losing dignity
  • fear of needles & injections
  • fear of uncertainty

This will kick start your fear-clearance journey AND give you the confidence to continue clearing fears and anxieties that are unique to you.

These 6 fear-clearance meditations mean that you can make a start with your fear clearance as soon as you join. No need to learn anything, just download and listen!

How to Prepare Emotionally for Birth

As much as we’d like our ideal birth to happen on the day, we’re all wise enough to realise that birth holds no guarantees. In this module, you will discover

  • how to prepare emotionally for all birth outcomes so that you feel confident and fearless no matter what happens on the day
  • what contributes to a traumatic experience so that you can take steps to avoid it happening to you. If you’ve had a traumatic birth, then you can use what you learn here to help you change how you feel about it
  • how to avoid due-date stress
  • popular birth myths that create fear
  • how to avoid an unneccessary induction

This module is like taking out emotional insurance and will help to ensure you feel strong, empowered and positive about your birth experience, whatever the outcome.

Although there is no guarantee, preparing emotionally like this can help you to stack the odds in your favour of avoiding things like post-natal depression (PND) and experiencing events as traumatic.

Confident Birth Prep

This masterclass teaches you how to manage your mindset and what you can do to keep yourself in a calm place in the lead up to your birth.

Here we pull everything together so that you can approach birth with total confidence.

  • techniques for stimulating oxytocin naturally, including one which you will NOT have seen before that is SUPER EASY!
  • how to connect and communicate with your baby
  • how to be present and mindful during labour
  • discover how to create powerful and effective birth visualisations that 
  • how to adapt the techniques we’ve learned so that you can use them during birth… in between contractions if you need to!

This will help you to feel calm and confident as the arrival of your baby approaches.

Sign up to the Fearless Birthing TODAY

The earlier you start the better. Your mental health is precious…. and so is your baby.

UK Pounds £ USD $

Fearless Birthing

Online Course



  • A copy of my Fearless Birthing ebook
  • Fearless Birthing masterclasses
  • Head Trash Clearance masterclasses
  • 6 x fear clearance meditations [worth £90 / $120]

Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee

The Fearless Birthing online course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you find the program isn’t for you, then let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. Nothing to lose, and yet so much to gain.

Take a look inside Fearless Birthing…

The Fearless Birthing program is the ultimate birth mindset preparation program you need to prepare mentally and emotionally for birth and motherhood. By helping you to manage your fears, anxieties and stresses, you’ll feel stronger and better able to cope as you approach birth and motherhood.

Love and Praise for Fearless Birthing

The head trash clearance method is a LIFESAVER.

I used it consistently throughout my pregnancy, in my long labour and after my son was born. I would have paid 10 times the amount and credit the method as one of the reasons I had such a powerful birth.

Jessica Nazarali

I found the Head Trash Clearance Method really easy to use.

I noticed I’ve starting to feel calmer and more relaxed. The craziness has gone and I feel calm.

I feel in such a better place now.



“I did your Fear Clearance Meditation on The Fear of Childbirth, and it’s incredible!
I never knew I could weep so much and for so long! I had a mind-boggling reduction of my fear from 13/10 (my own score) to 3/10!!!! (by the end of the 45 min meditation).
Next day I was shocked to have remembered a very close person telling me about her traumatic and scary birth…
I definitely feel calmer and more positive about the birth of my baby and my husband has noticed the difference, so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I will do my best to articulate the profound effect your work and the head trash clearance method has had on my life.

About 6 years ago I thought an elective c-section was the way to go. I am the biggest wimp when it pertains to pain and I didn’t think I could cope with a natural birth.

I feared I couldn’t cope with the intensity, I feared I wouldn’t have the stamina needed for birth, I feared I would let my husband and our daughter down, that I would lose control of my emotions and become frantic, that I would end up with a c-section or something would happen to our daughter. This is where the head trash method has saved the day.

Using the method laid out in your videos I began working through each fear. By the time I was done working through them I no longer felt this deep rooted fear that engulfed my mind and body. Instead I felt light. I could acknowledge the previous fear without any associated emotion. It became the same as making any generic statement such as “I’m going to wear white socks today”.

Although I have yet to experience birth myself (about 2 months away!) from the numerous birth stories I have listened to it really seems that mental state will get you 90% of the way to a positive birth.

I can confidently say that I have no hidden fears that will pop-up during transition, that I can walk into birth prepared for whatever arises, and that I can allow birth to be a positive and life changing experience.


“I would absolutely recommend Alexia’s program; if it can help alleviate my deeply-rooted fears with pregnancy, it could certainly help someone else! I think that anyone with specific fears that hinder them from living their lives to their fullest potential can benefit from this program. They need to know that it IS possible to face your fears head-on, neutralize them and obliterate them. I honestly couldn’t believe it!

I figured I would need months or years to undo these deep-seated fears of mine, but in applying Alexia’s techniques that was not my case at all. I love the videos, materials, and podcasts! They are a brilliant and helpful resource which you can access anytime and anywhere. I still use the podcasts and browse the website for videos though whenever I need touch-ups.”


“I don’t know what I would have done without Alexia’s program! Before doing it, I dreaded my pregnancy and the day of labor every day. It felt like such an overwhelming burden and there were So many things I had no clue about because it was my first pregnancy.

After Alexia’s program my whole world went from total dread to empowerment and JOY! I honestly can’t believe it! I am actually enjoying being pregnant and thanks to Alexia’s research and tools I have a thorough birth plan and all the information I could need at my fingertips!

By the time I was done with the program I was in control of my fears instead of my fears taking control over me. I feel so empowered by Alexia’s work, she gave me the tools I needed to face my fears head on and the support I also needed to really get there, I couldn’t have faced that intensity alone. Alexia had every tool I needed to help me clear my fears and now I can actually enjoy my pregnancy instead of dreading it every day like I was!

This program truly delivers and my biggest regret is not doing this work sooner.I wish I had cleared my fears with Alexia before I got pregnant! I am astounded by how deeply her work has touched my life and cleared my fears. I don’t know what I would have done without this. I am amazed at the resources Alexia provides; it’s like she did all the research I don’t have time to do cuz I’m pregnant and has it all there ready for me. If you have fears around pregnancy don’t run away!”


UK Pounds £ USD $

Fearless Birthing

Online Course




Is there any guarantee with this program?

There are no guarantees when it comes to matters of the mind and mental health and for me to make any guarantees would be highly suspicious but also unethical. This program requires effort on your part, and that’s something that I cannot put a guarantee on. What I can guarantee is that the techniques you will learn have successfully been used to heal stresses, fear, anxiety and tokophobia in others for many years. 

Are there any refunds – what if I don’t like it?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just one less thing to worry about 😉

How much time do I need to put aside each week to take part in this program and get results?

The online program includes lots of videos and audios so you will need time to watch these at first to familiarise yourself with the clearance methods. Then you will need to put time aside for your fear clearance. How much time depends on how many fears you need to address. Typically, people spend an hour doing clearance 3-5 times a week. Some do more, some do less. It really does depend on your personal situation, how much time you have and how urgent it is for you to clear your fears.

Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee

The Fearless Birthing online course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you find the program isn’t for you, then let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. Nothing to lose, and yet so much to gain.