How I can help you to get rid of your pregnancy anxieties & birth fears

DIY – Clear your fears yourself 

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Group Programmes

Get one-to-one Support

Fearless Birthing book

$7 in the shop

Fear Clearance Audio MP3s
Clear specific fears with my range fear clearance tracks.

$19 in the shop

Clearance Starter Pack
Get started in clearing your fears with the starter pack that includes the top 10 pregnancy & birth fears.

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The Clearance Club
Vault of clearance scripts and audios by theme for a wide range of personal & life themes.

from $29 per month

Fearless Birthing Online Course
Identify, uncover and clear your fears, anxieties & traumas so that you can approach birth with calmness & confidence.

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Tokophobia Support Group
Join others in clearing your fears around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Includes;

  • Online course
  • Group Calls
  • Community

VIP Group members also get personal support throughout.

One month programme.

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Tokophobia Support Programme
1-month programme to clear your fears.

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Fearful to Fearless
In-depth 3-month programme to clear fears and anxiety.

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$7 – $30

$29 – $349

$400 – $900

$1500 +