Fear of Losing Control

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This meditation has been created to help you with your fear of losing control as part of your preparation for a positive birth experience.

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A fear of losing control during birth is very common among pregnant women. If this is something that you fear too, then this meditation is for you.

  • Is it a fear of not being in control of how the birth is going?
  • Is it a fear of losing it emotionally and crying, getting emotional in a way that you can’t control?
  • Is it a fear of losing control of your body and pooing and weeing everywhere?
  • Is it fear of losing control over the decisions being made about your birth? So the medical team retaining control?

Fear of losing control

A fear of losing control can only cause problems during birth. For a start it’s a fear and so will have a negative physiological impact on your body during labour and lead to things like a long labour or painful contractions.

Birth requires you to let go; Let go of your need to be in control, let go of your need to control your body, let go of your need to control the situation.

THE ONLY THING you should be focussed on is staying in the birthing zone so that your body can just get on with it.

But it’s not as simple as that. In fact, birth requires you to be able to play at both ends of the control spectrum simultaneously… at the BEING IN CONTROL END and at the LETTING GO END.

You need to LET GO of your body fully… surrender all control to your body. It knows what it’s doing. If this is your first birth YOU don’t.. when I say you, I mean your mind, your ego (that’s responsible for triggering the negative emotions). But your body.. with 1000s of years of evolution behind it DOES KNOW! Your body knows how to birth a baby.

But you also need to stay in control… of your mind. You need to be in control of your mind so that you’re available to do what needs to be done.. if you notice any painful twinges, you need to be alert and with-it enough to alert a midwife, or perhaps it’s a sign for you to refocus your mind back on your breathing and your affirmations and less on your fears and inner chatter.

So you need to let go of your body but be in control of your mind AT THE SAME TIME ….. for hours!

If you’re a control freak, this is not going to be easy for you. Even if you’re not, it won’t be easy. But don’t worry, that is what this meditation can help you with.

This meditation lasts around 35 minutes and is delivered by Alexia Leachman.


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