Fear of Childbirth


Fear of childbirth, also known as tokophobia, is a terrifying thing, even more so if you’re pregnant. This Reflective Repatterning audio session is designed to help to provide relief from the fear of childbirth.

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If the very idea of giving birth fills you with dread, then this session is for you. Tokophobia, the fear of childbirth and labour, is very common, but it needn’t stand in the way of you choosing to have children or having a happy stress-free pregnancy. A fear of childbirth can come from a number of sources. Maybe you’ve heard about horrific childbirth experiences from friends or family, or perhaps you’ve seen too many movies that have over-dramatised birth experiences. Or it could be your very own birth experience that is deeply buried in your subconscious. Whatever it is that’s causing you to have a fear of childbirth, it needn’t be that way because fears can be cleared.

Fear of Childbirth fear release

The thing is, if you’re pregnant, then any fear of childbirth you have will have a direct, negative impact on your own labour and childbirth experience. Fears are directly responsible for creating pain in labour in what is known as the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle; fear creates tension in the body, which in turn creates the pain.

So this session is designed to help you with your fear of childbirth fear release using Reflective Repattening. This audio is not hypnosis, nor is it a guided meditation.

This session can be a really important one for you if you’re aiming to have a natural birth as much as possible. Labour tends to slow down when the mother is stressed and full of fear, and it’s fear that creates the pain. So, if you can neutralise your fears and stresses you’re less likely to have a drawn-out labour which is often accompanied by the kind of pain that encourages women to turn to medical interventions.

This MP3 session lasts around 45 minutes and can be listened to as often as you like, but you will probably only need to listen to it once or twice to notice a difference.

DISCLAIMER: When it comes to birth, our fears can be complex and numerous. This session is designed to help if you have a general fear around childbirth and labour, but is not designed to help with specific fears, such as fear of pain, or fear of losing dignity. Therefore results cannot be guaranteed. All fears need to be addressed individually. Please check out my other audio sessions if you have something more specific that you need support with.



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