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Fearless Birthing Academy


The Fearless Birthing Academy is a mindset focused pregnancy and birth prep course for mamas who want to take control of their birth and embrace it as the natural and empowering experience that it can be.

Birth is 90% mindset, and yet, fear is never far away. The constant fear mongering in the media and the relentless birth horror stories that surround us mean that many women are scared by it. And it doesn’t need to be like that. There’s a better way… the Fearless way!

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The Fearless Birthing Academy is an online course for mamas who are ready to do what it takes to claim their positive birth experience. The course includes masterclasses, videos and audios to help you clear your fears and prepare confidently for your fearless birth.

The Fearless Birthing Academy includes the following masterclasses;

CHILDBIRTH MYTH BUSTING. To get started I help you to get into the right mindset by busting some common childbirth myths.

UNDERSTANDING PAIN: I share the 3 things you need to understand about pain in childbirth and the 3 things you can do right now to reduce your experience of pain.

REDUCING DUE DATE STRESS: Here I help you to not make this a thing so that you can remain calm and stress-free in the final few important weeks of your pregnancy

IDENTIFYING YOUR STRESSES AND FEARS: This is where we start to peek inside your head to uncover your stresses and fears. Once you know what they are they’re much easier to clear.

HOW TO CLEAR YOUR FEARS: This is where I share exactly how you can clear your fears, stresses and traumas

FEAR CLEARANCE TIME: I help you make a start on your fear clearance journey with a selection of some fear clearance meditations that tackle the most common fears.

PREPARING FOR THINGS GOING OFF PLAN: Birth is unpredictable so to help to protect you emotionally, I share with you how you can prepare in case things don’t go as you wish, but so that you still feel positively about your birth.

BIRTH PREPARATION: here we wrap everything up and helping you to prepare for birth including creating powerful and effective birth visualisations and communicating with your baby, and how to do it.

HEAD TRASH CLEARANCE ESSENTIALS: Here I show you how to use the fear clearance technique on other things in your life so that can reduce stresses and fears in your relationships, your work, anything in fact… but more importantly in your role as parent! (because kids are experts at pushing our emotional buttons!)

And…. because I want to help you as much as I can, the Fearless Birthing Academy also includes

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