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Does the thought of childbirth scare you? Are you fearing the countdown to your due date? Discover a new birth preparation approach to help guide you from conception to childbirth with peace of mind.

Have your pregnancy fears left you stressed out and anxious? Are you looking for an alternative to hypnobirthing? Author Alexia Leachman used to feel the same way until she discovered a technique that helped her overcome her own fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Since sharing it through her award-nominated Fear Free Childbirth podcast, she’s helped thousands of women to shift their mindset around birth, and now she’s here to help you too!

Fearless Birthing: Clear Your Fears for a Positive Birth is your essential road map to confront and conquer the fears that stand between you and motherhood. Through Leachman’s unique fear-clearance method, you’ll learn how to mentally and emotionally prepare for the birth of your bundle of joy. By ridding your fears, you’ll turn potential trauma into an empowering experience.

In the Fearless Birthing Book, you’ll discover:

  • The two types of fear surrounding childbirth and how to manage them effectively
  • How to approach your pregnancy with mindful reflection in anticipation of motherhood
  • Why your due date can be a huge source of stress, and how to avoid it
  • The 5-step Head Trash Clearance Method, which you can use to rid your fears and stresses
  • How to prepare for birth so that you feel positively about it, whatever the outcome

Fearless Birthing is a must-have guide for expectant mothers. If you like step-by-step instructions, no-nonsense advice from a leading expert, and access to a wealth of online resources, then you’ll love this book.

Buy Fearless Birthing to break down the barriers between you and your bundle of joy today!

Note: this is for the the printed paperback version.

Praise for the Fearless Birthing book

“Fearless Birthing has been so helpful in learning to confront and clear my fears. Not only that, but it really helped me to pinpoint exactly what those fears were to begin with which I previously couldn’t even figure out. Alexia provides a great deal of helpful information about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth and I loved reading about her personal experiences. I found this book very empowering as I truly believe using the methods in it will help me to make the right decisions about my labor and birth and it has already helped me feel like my body is not only capable of this, but made to do this. I plan to continue to refer to this book and to work on fear clearing as I finish out these last few weeks of pregnancy. I am now actually looking forward to going into labor with confidence and much less “head trash”.”

Amanda, expecting baby #3

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I especially loved learning about the fear-clearance technique. I am a mental health professional and really enjoyed exploring alternatives to traditional therapies in order to overcome fears. I’ve done one fear clearing since reading the book and was amazed at the response I got. I can’t wait to be able to do more clearings in order to prepare for my upcoming birth.”

Jackie, a Counselor, expecting baby #2

“Fearless Birthing is a must read for all mums-to-be who are looking to create a positive mindset for their birth. Alongside Alexia’s work on her podcast and website, this book details a unique method of clearing fears in preparation for childbirth. It is easy to read and to follow along with the clearance method and also provides a lot of background info on the technique. Alexia’s work has helped me immensely in my birth preparation – truly a fantastic guide!”

Gemma Croft

“I was thrilled to find out that we were expecting, but also fearful of the pain and complications that would come with birth. The anxiety that I felt from the preconceived amount of pain that was to come in delivery was making me stress so much that I was having a difficult time enjoying pregnancy. I feel so fortunate to have found Alexia’s Fear Free Childbirth Podcast and to have had the opportunity to read Fearless Birthing to help me understand my fears, where they were coming from, and how to clear them.  Reading the book was like sitting down to tea with a dear friend that is honest and understanding of your fears.  This book changed my outlook on birth and made me realize that all of my fears were completely normal, and I just needed to learn how to clear them. Alexia is authentic in her writing and doesn’t attempt to push beliefs onto you, rather she shows you options backed by research and stresses the importance of doing what is right for your birthing experience.  There were so many gems in this book that really opened my eyes to how wonderful birth can be instead of fearing the countdown.”

Nikki, expecting baby #1

“Upon reading the book’s first words I could hear Alexia’s voice speaking. Which, when I’ve listened to her podcasts is always full of energy, emotion and general good vibes, even when serious topics are discussed. As she shares her own journey of pregnancy and birth it reminds the reader that she are not just writing from a therapist point of view. I found most of her statistical information to be spoken in a way that most readers will be able to follow and identify easily with especially if they’ve experienced pregnancy and birth previously.

As a birth professional I found her step-by-step instructions quite helpful in organizing my thoughts for how best to have helpful and encouraging discussions with clients who may be struggling with fears or concerns. Though one doesn’t need to be a provider or therapist of course to do this.

She has written this for women to do their own head trash clearance and I think this book will help many women do just that. In Fearless Birthing she has laid out a map with easy to follow instructions and advisement when to seek outside professional help. While using both antecdotal and researched evidence. She’s written in a way that is engaging and real for the reader.

I will definitely be putting this book on my recommendation list and especially for women who are struggling with fear or anxiety with their pregnancy and upcoming birth.”

Suzie Campana, The Travelling Midwife

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