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Tokophobia Support Program


Tokophobia Support Program is a 4-week fear clearance programme where I support you in overcoming your tokophobia.

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The Tokophobia Support program is an online program where I support you in overcoming your tokophobia to that you can look forward to pregnancy and birth free of your fear.

How does it work?

Once you join the Tokophobia Support Programme, you’ll gain immediate access to my online fear-clearance program and all my fear-clearance meditations. This means you can start clearing your fears straightaway.

You will receive some prep work that will help you get ready for our first call. This will also help me to plan the clearance work that needs to be done. Then, every week we’ll jump on a call together* and I will help you to let go of your fears.

My tokophobia support program will help you to…

Clear Your Fears

Fear is a huge part of tokophobia and you will learn how to bat your fears away for good, whatever they are. What you’ll learn will help you in other aspects of your life, because fear is everywhere, right?

Get Clarity

Get clear on what is responsible for you experiencing tokophobia and how to put a stop to it. Finally makes sense of WHY you’re experiencing this and have a plan that you can believe in for getting over it.

Build Emotional Resilience

Tokophobia is often a huge source of stress and anxiety, particularly in relationships. This program will show you how to build your emotional strength so that you can not only clear your fears but also deal with your life stresses and anxieties.


By the time we reach the end of our time together on the Tokophobia Support Programme, you will have tackled your biggest fears and feel super-confident in your ability to clear any other fears that come your way.


Find out more about the Tokophobia Support Program here


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