Coping with a Miscarriage


Coping with a miscarriage is not always easy. This audio session has been created to help you if you’re coping with a miscarriage and need to recover emotionally so that you can more easily move on.

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Coping with a miscarriage is not always easy. A miscarriage can be a very lonely experience. Often the only other person who knows is the dad because we’ve chosen not to tell anyone our news for fear of experiencing this very thing. And yet, if we had shared our news early on, then we would not feel so alone and would be able to seek the support of those around us. Difficult times are made more difficult when we feel alone and unsupported so while I cannot promise to take away the loneliness of your experience, I hope to be able to provide you with support.

A miscarriage can affect us in different ways, but one thing is for sure – it’s not pleasant. And just because it’s something that’s really common, it doesn’t make it any easier to live through. Coping with a miscarriage often means dealing with the emotional turmoil as well as the physical aspects mean that recovery can be slow and drawn out. The longer it takes for you to recover from the pain and loss of a miscarriage, the longer you have to wait to get back to your normal self. It can also make things hard if you want to try again for a baby, as it’s often the emotional aspect that needs getting over more than the physical.

Coping with a miscarriage

Whatever your miscarriage experience, I’ve created this audio session to help you if you’re coping with a miscarriage and need to recover so that you can more easily move on. The immediate aftermath of a miscarriage can be particularly difficult for many, with constant reminders of pregnancy and kids wherever you go, that some women find it hard to even leave the house.

So I created this session to help you to let go of the emotional burden so that you feel much calmer and lighter in your mind. Wouldn’t it be great if your experience didn’t weigh you down, and you felt stronger and more able to move on?

There are two parts to this audio session

  • Part 1 focuses on helping you to let go of some of the heavy emotion that you’re experiencing as a result of the experience you had so that you can start to feel lighter and calmer emotionally.
  • Part 2 explores those things that might upset you in the aftermath of a miscarriage, like seeing pregnant women, hearing about friends’ pregnancy announcements and seeing mothers with kids.

This MP3 session lasts around just over 50 minutes and can be listened to as often as you like.


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