Fear Clearance Meditations Gift Set


The Fearless Birthing Meditations have been created to help you to overcome your birthing fears.

Buy this gift and receive a copy of the Fearless Birthing book Fearless Birthing Affirmation Cards Fearless Notes notebook for FREE (worth £35).

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The Fear Clearance Meditations Gift Set is the perfect present for the pregnant woman in your life to help to prepare for a positive birth. It combines a selection of gorgeous products that you can wrap up beautifully for her, with a collection of fear clearance meditation MP3s that she can listen to to ease her fears about the upcoming birth.

The Fearless Birthing Fear Clearance Meditations gift set includes

  • Fearless Birthing Meditations
    • Fear of Childbirth & Labour
    • Fear of Pain
    • Fear of Losing Control
    • Fear os Loss of Dignity
    • Fear of Pooing and Weeing
    • Fear of Needles and Injections
  • Fearless Birthing paperback book
  • Fearless Notes Notebook
  • Fearless Birthing Affirmation Cards (20-pack)



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