Fear of Losing Dignity


This meditation has been created to help you with your fear of loss of dignity as part of your preparation for a positive birth experience.

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A fear of losing dignity is very common among pregnant women, when it comes to birth. The fear can vary, and may include elements of

  • Worries around who may be present during the birth and how they might see you
  • How your body might be positioned during birth
  • Feelings of vulverability
  • How you might behave in front of your partner and what they might think as a result

Fear of Losing Dignity

When people imagine a woman giving birth, it is often with a woman on her back and an audience of strangers looking at her wotsit. Unfortunately this perception of birth feeds a very common fear among pregnant women; the fear of losing dignity. This is understandable, but what many women don’t realise is that birth doesn’t have to be that way; you’re allowed to birth in any position you like and you can choose who is present at your birth. So if you want to walk around or go in the pool, you’re free to do so. But unfortunatley, knowing that isn’t enough to stop the fear.

Any fears that you have going into birth will get in the way of you being able to fully let go and surrender to the birthing process. The fear of losing dignity can be easily triggered by simply having a stranger entering your birthing room while you’re in labour, so to help you to stay fear-free during your birth, releasing this fear

In working to release this fear, it means that you will less likely be affected by the potential triggers that many show up during your birth, which will help you to stay in your birthing zone. Working on this will also help you to boost your emotional reslience so that you’re less likely to feel a loss of dignity during your birth, should a moment arise.

With this meditation, I’d like to help you to release this fear so that you can focus being connected to your baby.

This meditation lasts around 25 minutes and is delivered by Alexia Leachman.


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