Fear of Pooping and Weeing


A fear of pooping and weeing during birth is very common for pregnant women and yet is hardly talked about. This audio session was created to help you to move past this in preparation for your birth.

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Fear of pooping and weeing during birth is a very common fear among pregnant women. But for some reason it’s hardly mentioned; perhaps because we don’t like talking about it or the thought of it is just too embarassing. But, don’t worry, now you can let go of this fear for good!

Fear of Pooping and Weeing

When I was pregnant, I had the fear of pooping (or fear of pooing as we say in the UK!) and I knew I’d have to deal with it if I was going to be able to fully let go and let my body do its thing during labour. Birth requires us to surrender to our bodies and allow our body to birth our baby, but our boddy is going to find that hard if our mind is holding on just in case we poo on the floor. Our mind will affect how our body reacts and on some level we will be tensing our body down below because we don’t want to embarass ourselves.

It’s no use telling people who have a fear of pooping that “this is all natural” and “don’t worry about it” because a fear is a fear and it will not budge as easily as that. So that’s why I created this audio session; to help you to overcome your fear of pooping and weeing so that you can fully let go during birth and not be worried about what may or may not happen poo-wise.

At some point during birth you will need to push, but many women are so worried about this particular fear that they hold back. They might not even be aware of it because it could be subconscious. Don’t let this be you. By clearing this fear (and others), you’re better able to let your body get on with what it knows best and get your mind out of the way.

This meditation runs for over 25 minutes and you can listen to it as many times as you like.


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