Fearless Birthing Meditation Bundle


EPIC Bundle of Fearless Birthing MP3s. This includes a fear release meditation for the most common fears. It includes 9 meditations – over 6 hours worth!

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The Fearless Birthing Meditations have been created to help you address your pregnancy and birth fears as you prepare for birth. In my years working with women, these are the fears that crop up time and time again and are a good place to start your fearless birth prep journey. I’ve created this bundle to bring together my whole collection while offering you a fantastic saving.

The collection includes:

Fear of Childbirth & Labour – a great general one to start with before you dive deeper.

Fear of Pain – to help you ‘make friends’ with pain and fear it less.

Fear of Losing Control – this affects women during pregnancy AND during birth. So important!

Fear of Losing Dignity – because we all know how dignity could easily go out the window during labour.

Fear of Pooing and Weeing – this is real and stops women from totally letting go. Don’t let it stop you!

Fear of Needles & Injections – lots of women have this so don’t let it get in your way in case you need an epidural, or other interventions on the day.

Fear of Uncertainty – because the uncertainty around how things will turn out is scary for many.

Pregnancy & Birth Traumas – Whether it was a previous birth or your very own birth experience, let go of the emotional energy.

Coping with a Miscarriage – something that too many of us have experienced.

Each of these meditations is delivered by me, Alexia Leachman and they last between 30 and 60 minutes. They are NOT hypnobirthing tracks and don’t sound anything like them.



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