What is the Fearless Birthing method?

The Fearless Birthing method is a birth preparation approach that combines clearing fears and boosting emotional resilience. The result is more calm and confidence around pregnancy and birth.

The primary focus of the Fearless Birthing method is helping the mother (and the father) to clear their fears, anxieties and stresses so that they can approach pregnancy and birth calmly. A fearless mama will be much better able to stay present and connected to her body and her baby during labour.

By developing her emotional resilience before birth, she is also much better placed to cope with the demands of labour, and so improve the chances of her having a positive birth experience.

The technique at the heart of Fearless Birthing method is the Head Trash Clearance Method™ and it offers a direct and focused emotional-clearance action that works deeply and quickly to clear fears from the mind and body. In removing the emotional and mental distractions, and helping the mama develop trust in her body’s ability to birth her baby, the power of the birthing body can be allowed to take over.

The Head Trash Clearance Method™ works deeply and effectively to clear fears, phobia, anxieties and traumas. And it’s so quick that it can even be used in between contractions!

It’s quick!

  • The change is immediate – there is no lag.
  • Some fears can be cleared in minutes.
  • The clearance process typically takes between 3-20 minutes.
  • The difference is usually down to the strength of the fear or the level of trapped emotion.
  • It can be used in between contractions, if necessary.

Disclaimer: some fears and emotional conflicts need to be unravelled which needs more  in-depth clearance.

It’s flexible

  • It’s a DIY/ self-help tool AND a practitioner tool.
  • Mama can use it on herself or…
  • She can have her fears cleared by someone else (and not have any previous knowledge of the technique)
  • It can be adapted to the situation and shortened if necessary for a quick fix.
  • It can be done in person, or over the phone or Skype.
  • It can be used on other emotional challenges.

It works via audio

  • Fear clearance can happen via pre-recorded audio.
  • Support can be provided without being present.
  • Meditation mp3s can be created and personalised to individual needs.
  • Fearless Birthing meditations are powerful and effective on fears of all levels.
  • Meditations provide opportunities for additional revenue for qualified practitioners.

Fearless Birthing Professionals

There are a small number of trained Fearless Birthing Professionals worldwide who are able to support families in preparing for pregnancy and birth. 

If you’re a birth professional, midwife, doula, therapist, birth coach or yoga teacher who would like to be able to offer Fearless Birthing to families you work with, then you can undertake our professional training. You can find out more about the training here.