Birth Affirmation Cards


A collection of 20 cards with birth affirmations to help you stay strong and focused on your fearless birth.

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This collection of gorgeous birth affirmation cards are perfect to help you to stay strong and focussed during your pregnancy and birth. The collection brings together some powerful birth affirmations and intentions that can boost your birth confidence at any time.

Birth affirmations are useful to help you to stay focused on positive thoughts and ideas while you’re pregnant. With so much birth negativity about, this can sometimes be a challenge. But by leaving your affirmation cards dotted around your home (even in your car or in your purse!) then it will be much easier for you to stay positive during your pregnancy.

The birth affirmation cards measure 80mm x 80mm which make them the ideal size to prop up near your mirror or bedside table so that you are never too far away from birth positivity.

Birth Affirmation Cards

This collection of birth affirmation cards includes affirmations that are part of the Fearless Birthing philosophy and have been created to help you to tap into your inner strength and courage. They have all been tried and tested by mamas-to-be in the Fear Free Childbirth community with many of these being firm favourites that helped mamas stay strong.

Here are some of the birth affirmations you’ll find in this collection;

  • My body is designed to deliver my baby – it knows what to do
  • My fears have made me strong. And now I am fearless.
  • Letting go is a liberating and freeing experience
  • With each deep breath, my baby is coming nearer to being in my arms
  • There is nothing for me to fear, my body knows what to do
  • I trust my instincts to do what is best for my baby

This collection includes 20 cards and they are sold in a beautiful gift bag for you to keep them together.


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