How to feel ready and prepped for birth

(without the fear!)

Discover the essential steps of birth prep in this FREE 1-hour class

Here's what I'll be sharing with you...

  • The 9 essential steps to prepare for a calm and confident birth
  • 3 childbirth myths that are messing with your head 🤯 and belong in the land of unicorns 🦄
  • 3 reasons why fear is bad if you want a pain-free birth (once you know these, you can't 'un-know' them!)
  • The 3 different aspects of birth prep needed (are they all on your list?)
  • The ONE thing that is guaranteed to boost your confidence (even though it makes no sense!)

Hello I'm Alexia 🙌

I host the Fear Free Childbirth podcast and I'm the author of Fearless Birthing 

“You are fab! yoga teacher recommended you to me and so glad she did xx”


"You are so clearly gifted in the world of childbirth and you really do have such a powerful impact on countless women around the planet."


“Thank you! You helped me so much first time and I always recommend you to anyone pregnant!


Hi, I'm Alexia

I’m Alexia. I’m author of Fearless Birthing and the host of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast ​​​​which has been downloaded over 500,000 times in over 180 countries. 

In the last 4 years, I’ve helped thousands of women prepare for their birth. In that time, I’ve noticed the things that make the REAL difference when it comes to preparing for birth. 

And now I want to share that with you as part of free 1-hour birth class.

Alexia Leachman

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