Birth Affirmation Printable


40 tried and tested birth affirmations for you to print out and use around your home.



If you’re like me, you’ll love to surround yourself with birth positivity. Binge listening to the Fear Free Childbirth podcast is great, but sometimes you need to go a little bit further. These printable birthing affirmations have been created using birth affirmations that mamas from all over the world have told me that really do it for them.

There are 40 altogether and they aligned with the Fearless Birthing philosophy of embracing and facing up to our fears. Our fears make us stronger after all, so why deny them?

Some of the affirmations include
My body. My baby. My birth.
I can say no – with a smile!
My body is made to give birth
My body knows what to do
I am fearless!
This will not last forever; I can do anything for 60 seconds
The stronger it gets, the more I choose to relax.
It’s not pain, it’s power. My power.
My body created this baby; it will birth it.

So, not only are they road-tested and loved, but they look gorgeous too!


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