Birthing Affirmations Collection


A Fearless Birthing Affirmation meditation collection is created to help to stay focused and positive during pregnancy and birth.


Birth Affirmation Cards

A collection of 20 cards with birth affirmations to help you stay strong and focused on your fearless birth.

Birthing Affirmations for Pregnancy

A Fearless Birthing Affirmations For Pregnancy meditation created to help you to prepare for birth and listen to during pregnancy.

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This Fearless Birthing Affirmations Collection includes the affirmation meditations for both pregnancy and birth plus the birth affirmation cards.

The Fearless Birthing Affirmations for Pregnancy have been created to help you prepare for birth and use while you are pregnant.

Some of the affirmations you will hear during this meditation include;

  • I am free of fear and full of confidence. I know I can do this.
  • I feel the strength of all women who have come before me
  • Birth only demands the strength I possess. I have what I need within.

While the Fearless Birthing Affirmations for Birth are developed to help you stay in a positive mindset during labour.

  • With each deep breath my baby is coming nearer to being in my arms
  • There is nothing for me to fear, my body knows what to do
  • I know I can do this!

The birthing affirmations brought together in this meditation have been used by women around the world to help them to get into a positive mindset in preparing for their birth.

Both meditations are created with soothing background music so that you can listen to it as you go about your day or last thing at night before you go to sleep.

The meditation also includes a voice-only track in case you prefer to listen to it with the music of your choice (some people like to dance to their affirmations!)

Each meditation lasts 21 minutes and is delivered by Alexia (in her British accent!).

When used together with the affirmation cards, these provide a powerful way to keep your mind clear of thoughts and worries during pregnancy and labour.

Birth Affirmation Cards

This collection of birth affirmation cards includes affirmations that are part of the Fearless Birthing philosophy and have been created to help you to tap into your inner strength and courage.

This collection includes 20 cards and they are sold in a beautiful gift bag for you to keep them together.


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